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Robert J. LaCosta is the founder of’s “Awaken” and the phone app, MobileGod.  His novels, journals, screenplays and thousands of songs are driven by a passion to steer people to Jesus in the every day, every moment of their lives.


Through his popular online devotional, Portals to Heaven, the Beloved Blogger coaches how to see and hear God in-the-now through metaphor and analogy.


His three-decade career in the hearing field led him to believe that we can take many lessons from our natural senses and apply them to an awareness of God’s presence in each moment.


By paying attention to the obvious and subtle symbolic and metaphorical cues of the supernatural, those who have been born-again into the kingdom of God will gain a sharpened sense of The Holy Spirit’s abiding presence, direction and counsel. Those who are seeking God will also be able to use these tools to build this awareness into a full-blown walk with Jesus. No matter where a person is in their spiritual walk, they will find help by learning to observe the metaphor-du-jour.

LaCosta and longtime friend Pastor Jay Richmond share a common vision to churches come together. “Awaken” is an opportunity for believers to contribute to this effort while being inspired by the devotionals and other works to come.  

While doctrinal statements in some particulars may be needlessly divisive among Christians, we do not believe that Biblical truth can be totally dismissed in the interests of cooperation.  For Renewal Prayer Network, Inc., we state that the irreducible core of truth which makes it Christian includes:
The authority of Christian Scriptures for our faith;
God as Trinity;
The Divine-human Person of Jesus Christ;
His substitution atonement and resurrection;
Salvation by grace through faith in Christ.
In some degree and manner this Gospel will be used by the Spirit of God in producing new Christians.  But when this happens, even though lesser differences and enculturation may exist, Scripture tells us that such believers “are baptized into one Body and made to drink of one and the same Holy Spirit” (1 Cor. 12: 12, 13).  The Renewal Prayer Network, Inc., intends to build its work on the reality of that spiritual union.
Biblical Orientation
Hey! I'm Pastor Jay

Rev. Jay Richmond has been serving our Lord in the Capital Region for 3 decades.  Starting with Capital District Youth for Christ in June of 1987. Jay serve as youth pastor of Princetown Reformed Church, 1989-1991.  He was the assistant pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church of Schenectady, 1992.  Jay became the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in 1993 where he served for 11 years.  Jay Served as pastor at First Baptist Church/City View Church in Scotia form November 2004 thru May 2016. Jay has served on staff for Renewal Prayer Network since its inception in 1994 and is currently serves RPN as its President.

Jay lives in Colonie with Adrienne, his wife of 32 years.  They are looking forward to the birth of the their first granddaughter December of 2017 from their daughter Bethany.  Also coming in December of 2017, their son Matthew will marry his sweetheart, Stephanie.  Please prayer for the Richmond’s, they will be having a busy but joyful December.