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April 26, 2019

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Denny Empie was a friend who would set up a table or booth at public events and handed out a free soda for any passerby who would fill out a survey entitled, “What Do You Think is Required to Get to Heaven?”

Over the years, thousands filled out the soda and earned their...

You may have read about a friend named Denny Empie who started giving away sodas from behind a table at public events. Participants simply had to fill out a multiple-choice survey entitled, “What do You Think Is Required to Get to Heaven?

It’s actually a trick question...

Denny Empie was an acquaintance at church who didn’t say a lot.

It was this very quality that made his “Soda Survey” so intriguing. 

He’d set up a table or booth at a public event and hand out free sodas for anyone who agreed to fill out the survey, “What Do You Think Is...

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What’s a soda got to do with eternity? Some would say if you drink too many you’ll find out sooner than later!

Actually, a friend named Denny Empie began setting up a table at public events, giving out a free soda to anyone who wo...

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