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(This Week: Smart Christmas Shoppers.)

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Someone whom you weren’t expecting gives you a Christmas present and you have nothing to give them back but, “Thanks.”

Smart Christmas shoppers can try this as we...

(THIS WEEK: Smart Christmas Shoppers.)


One of the perennial first-stops for spiritual Christmas shoppers is attending Handel’s Messiah. 

From the moment the conductor walks to the stage to the dramatic violins opening Handel’s Messiah to the...

(THIS WEEK: Smart Christmas Shoppers.)

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Christmas clubs are portals to heaven.

If you store up your treasures in heaven, they mount up without you thinking about them. They somehow add interest...

A funeral can definitely get in the way of shopping for the Christmas spirit. 

There are times and then there are times. Life has seasons when the Christmas season can’t seem to break through or even have particular relevance. It’s as if everyone is at the mall and you...

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April 26, 2019

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