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Denny Empie was an acquaintance at church who didn’t say a lot.

It was this very quality that made his “Soda Survey” so intriguing. 

He’d set up a table or booth at a public event and hand out free sodas for anyone who agreed to fill out the survey, “What Do You Think Is...

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What’s a soda got to do with eternity? Some would say if you drink too many you’ll find out sooner than later!

Actually, a friend named Denny Empie began setting up a table at public events, giving out a free soda to anyone who wo...

My pastor Frank Wray was fond of saying how humans like to plan - especially in the western civilization. 

We plan from the time we are young: where we are going to college, what we will study there, what kind of person we will marry, where we will live and what kind of...

It’s Easter morning or Resurrection Day.

The traditional greeting is, “He is risen” followed by a friend saying, “He is risen indeed.”

The two weeks leading up to Easter included two funerals. That would sound like a bummer unless you knew these two men.

But that’s the su...

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April 26, 2019

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