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July 20, 2020


"Love Goes Viral" is a song and YouTube music video by Robert J. LaCosta of Selkirk, New York from an album of the same name that is intended to propel a movement to encourage people during crises to choose love over any alternative and that we are all in this together.


LaCosta decided to use the song’s powerful message to spawn what he terms “Profits-For-NonProfits.”

To assist those most affected by the pandemic, the songwriter chose an international orphanage organization called Hearts of the Father Outreach in Massachusetts and a national group that focuses on fostering based out of New York State.


A musical cover contest in any genre will net the winner $500 and a music video contest will garner the winner $100.


Perhaps the most potent musical antidote to come out of the pandemic, the country-pop title tune cuts across national, ethnic and even regional lines to reveal those who are helping love go viral in their own way while offering certain hope during these uncertain times.


“In times of crisis,” LaCosta said, “we hold the decision as to whether we will face the great challenges of the day with love or hate, hope or fear, opportunity or loss and service over selfishness. I couldn’t have written such a song if I hadn’t been inspired by real-life examples of those who have chosen to work within adverse situations and by those demonstrating great acts of love.


“Expressively, the lyrics of Love Goes Viral may be a cross between impressionism and realism and country and pop - the latter of which happened in the studio and not from a planned outcome. 


“In fact,” LaCosta continued, “the musical contest is being offered as a way to have the song stylistically go viral. Like the acts of love shown and the promised vaccine, we hope that these new musical versions and fresh music videos will reach people that gravitate toward their preferred specific art form and wouldn’t have found mine.” is the site to hear and see Love Goes Viral music video, grab some merchandise that helps non-profits and find out more about how you can help love go viral.



For interviews and more information, contact Vini at or call 1-844-434-3277



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Artists & Group Can Win $500 for Best Cover Version of Love Goes Viral & Music Video Contest Will Yield $100 for Winner


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