See God right in front of you every day using this Portals to Heaven 365-day daily devotional that utilizes what the author has coined as the “metaphor-du-jour” to help us sense God’s presence in the present. Robert J. LaCosta draws from thirty years as a specialist in the field of hearing to guide us to elevate our natural senses to discover the supernatural. Using daily vignettes as a launching pad, the devotional doubles as a journal for readers to pen their own portals. God is anything but an absentee Father. God has designed our lives to consistently stumble upon His love, care, beauty and creativity. Portals to Heaven heightens your awareness of the clues God is dropping everywhere and every day. Everyone needs a touch of! This rich and clever combination of analogy, symbolism and allegory is pithy yet provoking and inspiring but friendly. Sense God’s presence and you will sense His peace and leading.

Portals to Heaven Daily Devotional